Import modules


In [1]:
import vcs, EzTemplate
import MV2
import numpy as np

Prepare a dummy array


  • We need a 2-D dummy array that will contain monotonically increasing numbers each of two rows, to be used for the visualization
In [2]:
num_levels = 224

for i in range(0,num_levels):

for i in range(0,num_levels):

a = MV2.array(a)
a = MV2.reshape(a, (-1,num_levels))

Colormap visualizing function


  • Below function will visualize given colormaps to provide a selection guidance.
In [3]:
def visualize(cmlst, v, loadcmap):
    T = vcs.createtemplate()
         'units','zvalue','tvalue','xunits','yunits','xname','yname', 'legend'])

    cmlst_num = len(cmlst)
    nrows = int(round(cmlst_num/2.))
    M = EzTemplate.Multi(template=T, rows=nrows, columns=2) = 0.05
    M.margins.bottom = 0.05
    M.margins.left = 0.2
    M.margins.right = 0.2
    M.spacing.vertical= 0.005
    for i in range(0, cmlst_num):
        box = v.createboxfill()
        box.color_1 = 16
        box.color_2 = 240
        box.xticlabels('','') # Hide x-axis tick labels
        box.yticlabels('','') # Hide y-axis tick labels
        box.colormap = loadcmap(cmlst[i])
        if i >= nrows: #right column
            x = 0.81 # text starting x position
        else: # left column
            x = 0.01 # text starting x position

        t = M.get(row=ii, column=jj, legend='none')

        v.plot(a, t, box, bg=1)

        subplot_title = vcs.createtext()
        subplot_title.string = box.colormap
        subplot_title.x = x
        subplot_title.y = (t.box1.y1 + t.box1.y2) / 2.
        subplot_title.height = 8
        subplot_title.halign = 'left'
        subplot_title.valign = 'half'
        subplot_title.color = 'black'
        v.plot(subplot_title, t)
        #print box.colormap  ## List available color maps

Open a VCS canvas


  • Let's open a VCS canvas to play with!
In [4]:
v = vcs.init(geometry={"width":600,"height":1200}, bg=1)
vcs.utils.defaultColorsRange = range(16,240)

VCS colormaps


  • VCS is default module that is being used for the UV-CDAT. You can use VCS color maps which is loaded at the beginning.
In [5]:
cmlst = v.listelements('colormap')
loadcmap = str
v = visualize(cmlst, v, loadcmap)

plot_title = v.createtext()
plot_title.string = 'VCS Colormaps'
plot_title.height = 15
plot_title.halign = 'center'
plot_title.valign = 'bottom'
plot_title.x = 0.5
plot_title.y = 0.96
/Users/doutriaux1/anaconda2/envs/cdat/lib/python2.7/site-packages/vtk/util/ FutureWarning: Conversion of the second argument of issubdtype from `complex` to `np.complexfloating` is deprecated. In future, it will be treated as `np.complex128 == np.dtype(complex).type`.
  assert not numpy.issubdtype(z.dtype, complex), \

Matplotlib colormaps in VCS


  • You can load and visualize Matplotlib colormaps in the VCS canvas.
  • Use vcs.colors.matplotlib2vcs to convert
  • For now if same name is already being used in VCS, new name with tail _000 is assigned, as showing below as "warning messages".
  • You can also use vcs.utils.loadmatplotlibcolormaps() to bring all Matplotlib colormaps to VCS
In [6]:

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

# Get list of all available colormaps from matplotlib (except '_r' which is reversed one)
cmlst = [x for x in plt.colormaps() if not '_r' in x]
cmlst = sorted(cmlst, key=lambda s: s.lower()) # Sort as case-insensitive alphabet order

loadcmap = vcs.colors.matplotlib2vcs
v = visualize(cmlst, v, loadcmap)

plot_title.string = 'Matplotlib Colormaps for VCS'
/Users/doutriaux1/anaconda2/envs/cdat/lib/python2.7/site-packages/vcs/ UserWarning: inferno colormap name was already existing, your colormap name will be: inferno_mpl_000
  (vcs_name, vcs_name_final))
/Users/doutriaux1/anaconda2/envs/cdat/lib/python2.7/site-packages/vcs/ UserWarning: magma colormap name was already existing, your colormap name will be: magma_mpl_000
  (vcs_name, vcs_name_final))
/Users/doutriaux1/anaconda2/envs/cdat/lib/python2.7/site-packages/vcs/ UserWarning: plasma colormap name was already existing, your colormap name will be: plasma_mpl_000
  (vcs_name, vcs_name_final))
/Users/doutriaux1/anaconda2/envs/cdat/lib/python2.7/site-packages/vcs/ UserWarning: rainbow colormap name was already existing, your colormap name will be: rainbow_mpl_000
  (vcs_name, vcs_name_final))
/Users/doutriaux1/anaconda2/envs/cdat/lib/python2.7/site-packages/vcs/ UserWarning: viridis colormap name was already existing, your colormap name will be: viridis_mpl_000
  (vcs_name, vcs_name_final))